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If you are a full-time or part-time musician, it is to your advantage to belong to the only organization that truly represents the interests of musicians and performers. For a detailed explanation of the numerous benefits and services Local 198-457 and the AFM have to offer the professional musician, please read the Membership Benefits page. Also, check out the AFM Solution Series brochures as listed below. Once again, thank you for your interest, and we look forward to the opportunity to support you!


Youth and Student Memberships

The Providence Federation of Musicians has introduced two new categories of membership:


If you are a young musician between the ages of 16 and 20, you qualify for “YOUTH” membership in the Providence Federation of Musicians.

As a “Youth” member, you are exempt from paying the initiation fee of $90.00.  While you are still responsible for membership and work dues, this option represents a significant savings.  Once you turn 21, you will become a “Regular” member of the Local.  However, there will be NO additional initiation fees.

You may join the union online, using the red “JOIN” button below.

One full year of membership dues is required at joining.


If you are a full-time student enrolled in a college or university, you qualify for “STUDENT” membership in the Providence Federation of Musicians.

Like “YOUTH” members, you are exempt from paying the initiation fee of $90.00.  You simply pay your membership and work dues.

There is no age limit for “STUDENT” membership, but you must provide proof of your enrollment in an accredited educational institution.  When you have completed your academic program, your status will change to “REGULAR” member, but NO additional initiation fees will be required.

To apply for “STUDENT” membership, please contact our office directly.  (“Online Join” not available for Student membership.)

One full year of membership dues is required at joining.

Special Program for Whole Bands

The Providence Federation of Musicians, in conjunction with the AFM, offers a special enrollment opportunity for whole bands.

If you play with a “self-contained” unit, that is, a band that works together all the time, without changes in personnel, you qualify for this special program.

If your entire band joins the Providence Federation of Musicians together, at the same time, the initiation fees for all the band members will be waived.

This is a saving of $90.00 per band member.  For a 5 piece unit, the savings would be $450.00.

All the members of the band must join the Local together, and one full year of membership dues for each member must be paid at the time of joining.

Please contact our office if you are interested in this program.  (Not available online.)

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How To Join

Download a Membership Application  (English)
Download a Membership Application  (Spanish)


Membership Dues
If paid annually (once a year)……………………..$184.00
If paid semi-annually (every 6 months)…………..$92.00
If paid quarterly (every 3 months)……. ……………$46.00
Work Dues
4% of scale wages on all engagements (“gigs”)
Initiation Fee (One-time Only)
New Members…………………………………………………………..$90.00
Transfers / Members of other AFM Locals……………..$25.00